mercredi 24 septembre 2008


Une vision particulière des supermarchés à Port au Prince et le Caribbean en particulier (celui que je fréquente en bonne blanche avec de l'argent bien sûr):

un article super sur l'EDH ie l'électricité d'Haiti

un quizz pour savoir comment on s'en sortirait si on était attaqués par des zombies (Haiti oblige)

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haititrip a dit…

hey Julie,

Yes we are here and food came yesterday via helicopter from WFP! We are excited and I think the people will be Tuesday when distributions starts. We are doing good as far as food goes. AM had asked me about some hi calorie food for kids with malnutrition, I am going to ask around but maybe you know some contacts for that also. We had two kids die last week from malnutrition. When you talked with people here was there a lot of need for seed to replant? I have been hearing that here but I want to make sure its not because I am leading them into giving that response. Ok hope all is going well for you, see you soon.